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Official District contact

P.O Box 1, Nebbi
Tel: 0774-490633

Summary Statistics


Total Population 340,024 
 Female population (2002 census)  176,812
 Male population: (2002 census)  163,212
 Percentage of total population that is male   48%
Percentage of population that is female 52%
Percentage urban (2002 Census) 9.8% 
Percentage rural (2002 Census) 90.2%

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Overview of Nebbi District

ndlgAt independence, Nebbi District located in the North-Western part of Uganda, was part of the then West Nile District until 1974 when it was divided into North Nile, Central Nile and South Nile Districts. South Nile became Nebbi in 1980. Nebbi lies between the latitudes 20 20’ N and 20 40’ N and longitude 310 0’0 E and 310 20’ E. It is bordered to the North by Arua district, Zombo to the west, Amuru and Nwoya to the East, Bullisia to the South-East and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the South-West. 

Message from the District Chairperson

okumuThank you for your interest in Nebbi District Local Government. It has never been a more exciting time to join us on this website. Nebbi District Local Government as an institution charged with the mandate to provide services to the people of Nebbi; has redefined itself through core values and principles; one of which emphasizes the issue of openness and information sharing. World over, it is renown that one of the principles of good governance is transparency and accountability which can best be achieved through information sharing.

Message by the Chief Administrative Officer

alia picI warmly welcome you to this website which should form the platform for information sharing on Nebbi District Local Government. Nebbi District Local Government as any other District is established and derives its mandate from the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda and the Local Government Act (Cap 243).

As part of the modernization process and initiative to meet the expectations of the people who are served by Nebbi District Local Government, the District has established this website as vehicle for public information.

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